After some minor and major injuries, plantar fasciitis, severe pulled hamstring injury and meniscus surgery, I found myself sitting way too much and suffering from sciatica. I could not walk as much as I was used to (2 miles at a time) due to my back cramping. I was not going to water aerobics which I love. Even though I am 73 years old, I felt I did not want to spend my time sitting in a chair. I missed gardening and just being active.
With Sangini, I learned so much about how my body works and how to help it. I now know the proper way to stretch, where my body’s weaknesses are and how to make them strong again, how to sit, how to get up out of a chair and so many more insights into helping myself be a better self. I am back to walking, doing water aerobics, standing for long periods of time (making cookies for college age grandchildren) and looking forward to being back in the garden when the weather cools down.
Everyone at Apex PT and Posture Restoration was so very professional and kind. I highly recommend this practice to anyone who is suffering and not being their best self.
— DU
It’s been 192 days since another car backed into mine, I tried a chiropractor but was in pain within 30 minutes leaving their office. I could barely drive with my left hand only, right hand was numb, right elbow/shoulder/collar bone/shoulder blade/and jaw felt like they were on fire, with intense neck pain radiating everywhere. I could barely drive carpool. I couldn’t walk my dogs. My kids had to carry my wallet because it was too heavy. Groceries were delivered. I constantly had something bracing my neck, and my right arm curled up to my chest. The Dr sent me for an MRI, that got me a one way ticket appointment to a neurosurgeon. I was scared, in more pain than I’ve ever felt, but needed to know what could help me get better! My lawyer mentioned Apex PT Postural Restoration Center so I made an appointment with Linda, who is so kind. My first visit I slowly crept in, bent over, holding back tears from pain, I could barely put my right hand on my knee in front of me! Sangini, Jason, and Lavanya asked me questions, watched how my body moved and reacted, and gently corrected what was wrong from the car accident. The alignment of my teeth, my jaw was off, and not closing on the right. My hips were tilted wrong. The nerves in my neck had been sprained and strained. And for months I honestly thought the feeling would never fully return in my hand. They worked on my posture, breathing, and stretching. When I saw the neurosurgeon he was surprised but could see my body was starting to heal, and said to continue physical therapy. I was relieved he didn’t recommend surgery! I continued physical therapy, and did every exercise just like they they suggested. Every exercise was gentle. It took time. Today I’m thrilled, the pain is gone, my neck turns, my arms raise, the burning is gone, and the numbness and tingling is gone from my hand! I can walk my dogs, drive my car, cook, carry my own purse, ride bikes and kayak with my family! I have my life back, thanks to the amazing care I received at Apex PT Postural Restoration Center! THANK YOU ❤ go see them!
— Sara
First, I want to thank the LORD who helped me recover from an excruciating, painful back injury. I’m grateful for my journey from wheelchair to an orthopedic doctor who referred me to Sangini....to an active lifestyle again.
After getting progressively worse (with numbness in my leg and foot), x-rays indicated some “normal” arthritis and degeneration in my L4-L5 vertebrae. An MRI further revealed that a fragment was located within my L5 vertebra. When the orthopedic surgeon determined that removal of the fragment could result in more serious nerve damage, a spinal injection followed by PT was recommended.
After 13 PT visits and following Sangini’s postural alignment exercises, I was able to resume my most active sport. I can play Pickleball without pain...without fear! The fragment remains, but the postural alignment improvement has me healthier than before my initial injury. I continue to do my postural corrective exercises....and I continue to thank God that I can still be active again.
— K VanOsdell (Apex)
Wow is all I have to say! I am a gym owner in the Charlotte area and have been having back issues for the last 6 months. I was unable to do some of the exercises I love the most. 
I deal with many PT’s and Chiro’s in my area that we use for various issues for our clients. No one was able to get to the root of the issue. 
I was familiar with Postural Restoration as taught by the Postural Restoration Institute and have seen their methodologies do amazing things. So I reached out to Jason at their facility to see if they could help. I was willing to drive the 2.5 hours it took to get treated.
The staff was amazing. They made me feel right at home and I got plenty of individual attention as opposed to feeling like I was just another number, as can be the case in many PT clinics.
 They were able to get to the root of my discomfort and fix it in only one visit!!! I have been able to work out hard again and it is so encouraging!!!
 This is a truly amazing place!!!
— M.M, Charlotte
Working with Sangini has dramatically shifted the quality of my life.  Before working with her I had difficulty climbing stairs and doing normal household tasks.  With the focused care she provided, targeted exercises and home program that incorporated exercise into my routine movements, I am active once again!  I now garden, ride my bike and manage my household with ease.  I highly recommend Sangini and then PRI method
Thanks to you and your exercise program, my achilles tendon has healed completely, although in the healing process, it caused the muscles in my leg to atrophy, causing intense pain in the right knee.  I began swimming and stretching and after 2 months I was swimming a mile 3 times a week and my leg became as strong as it was before.  You truly are a gem and Pittsboro is lucky to have you