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GOAL: To help runners achieve optimal performance while minimizing their risk for injury.

Postural imbalances can affect running form and predispose the runner to recurrent injuries.

Do you suffer from common running ailments like knee pain, hip impingement, back pain/tightness, shin splints, plantar fasciitis?  Do you constantly have to fight this recurring tightness?

Then it is more likely that you are training your body on a crooked foundation, increasing the inherent asymmetry of the human body resulting in common, predictable patterns and muscle imbalance.

Specific exercises based on the Postural Restoration® approach will help identify and correct any asymmetries between the left and right sides of the body.

We offer individual assessments as well as Running Workshops in a small group setting. These include an in-depth assessment to identify muscle imbalances followed by specific exercises to correct these imbalances, tips on injury prevention and shoe recommendations.

Here are some great videos presented by the Hruska Clinic explaining their approach in Postural Restoration®.